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Bing Bang Bong

The Learning Centre that addresses the needs, nurture and transitions for your child


About Us

Whether you want to learn, improve, or just develop your English skills. Bing Bang Bong aims to provide a hub of knowledge. You will learn tips and tricks to grasp Phonetics, play on words, and the creativity associated with the English language.

By allowing children to explore activities across the developmental spectrum and engaging in a calm, thoughtful and resourceful setting. We believe that children not only meet their developmental milestones but also learn respect and therefore have a value-based education.

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“Arts and Crafts”

The importance of exposing kids to art early in life is often undervalued. But giving young children an appreciation for art encourages exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, self-esteem and creativity. It also teaches kids to think openly, create new meaning and be more tolerant of others’ differences.


“Sensory and Exploration”

We fully believe in the benefits of developing a strong bond and know that quality play can help a baby feel listened to, understood and loved. We focus on developing your baby’s physical, language and emotional development through the exploration of space and sensory engagement.


“Music and Maths”

In early childhood education, the benefits of music include boosts to skills as varied as vocabulary development, gross-motor skills, empathy, phonemic awareness, active listening, and even early math development. Music and movement activities offered at BBB are sure to provide fun and laughter for all ages.



    0-18 months

    Baby Picasso | Art Attack


    18 months – 4 years

    Baby Sensory | Little Explorers


    4 Years +

    Music Makers | Number Land

    Birthday Party

    all ages


    all ages

    Dads in-Charge

    all ages

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    At Bing Bang Bong, we are always looking to expand the services we offer and off course develop a lasting relationship with Native English speaking Educators, Musician’s, Scientists, Artists, Dancers and Holistic practitioners. We would love to hear from you if you, are interested in delivering any of the above services to children aged 0-12 years.

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    What others say

    F. Scott WoodsFormer Head of Facebook Germany

    Both of our Boys were with Neera during their pre-school years and the whole family could not have been more happy. Ninita builds an immediate connection with both children and adults alike. She brings great creative ideas into the learning experience and is always open to feedback and new impulses. We look back with great fondness at our time with Neera.

    Sue GiersOwner of Linette and

    As a family, we were already surrounded by the English language through friends and work but we felt that, giving our children an opportunity to engage and develop their core understanding of English with the help of Neera's Pre-School Programmes would be an asset to the children's early Educational profiles. We made a good choice! And to add to this, we loved Neera's warm hearted personality and very much wanted our children to be in her care.

    Birgit WelzhoferHome Styling Hamburg

    Bereits ab dem ersten Tag der Eröffnung wart ihr professionell und habt die Kinder immer unglaublich gefördert. Wir und alle anderen Eltern waren so zufrieden, dass wir unsere Kinder, die zum Einschulungsstart alles sogenannte „Kann-Kinder“ waren, lieber 1 Jahr länger in Deinem Kindergarten gelassen haben. Der von Dir gestaltete Vorschulunterricht hat sicher alle Vorschulen in Hamburg übertroffen. So wunderte es uns auch nicht, dass Elena zur Einschulung ihren Mitschülern nicht nur in Englisch weit voraus war sondern auch insbesondere in Sachen Sozialkompetenz.

    Anne-Sophie BriestCEO of Be Smart Academy, Berlin

    Neera (Ninita) is a very passionate, caring and loving teacher. With her profound educational background and excellent people skills, she is a fantastic partner to families and their needs. She is exactly what every parent wishes for her child.
    P.S. I would make another one just to have it with Neera (Ninita)in any way.

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